Pledge a Protester

Nobody should have to face judgment, threats or harassment in order to provide or receive health care.

In response to protester’s daily attempts to intimidate patients and reproductive health care providers, we expose their shameful tactics to show them and our communities that they only make us stronger.

We will never be ashamed of our bodies or the choices we make. We pledge for reproductive rights, protecting access to reproductive health care services, and solidarity. There are so many reasons to support this cause. Why do you pledge?

This is a crucial time for us to raise awareness about the very real experiences that individuals face to access health services and abortion care in this country. Now more than ever, we need to tell this story to help stop the judgment, harassment, and violence.

We also denounce the extreme anti-reproductive health care politicians at the state and local level who stoke lies, stigmatization, and rhetoric. These same radical politicians push anti-reproductive health bills in the state legislature that take away care and violate the views of the vast majority of voters in Colorado.

Client: Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains